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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Where Do I Start?

So Doc didn't show up for work Thursday and he didn't call. I guess around 10am I tried to call his house and cell numbers but go nowhere. I then IMed a friend on his to see if he had chatted with her and she was worried too. With all this AV stuff going on I was getting a bit worried. OK so I was freaking out :|

I called the Institute's VP who was at a conference and he told me to go knock on the door but to be careful and call the police if anything seemed out of whack. Luckily he's just down a couple of miles from the med center so I drove over. This is where it all gets weird.

I went to knock on his door and it wasn't locked or even shut fully. Knocking just pushed the door in. The doc was freaking face down in the entranceway. I seriously thought the man was dead. I screamed and probably should have ran away and called the police but it woke him up instead. To make a long story short he had passed out from exhaustion and then just kept on sleeping face down on the carpet!

I called an ambulance (which made him sort of mad) and went with him to the hospital. They scanned him and he is going to be fine. It's going to set us back a few days. And I'm kind of worried about the guy. Next week I'm going to talk to him about his door too. Why was it unlocked given the events surrounding him? Doc is going to get a lecture from his assistant :)


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