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Thursday, October 05, 2006


So my 50% turned into 80% and just a couple of days later that tuned into 100%. All of my time is to be dedicated to the new doc's "personal" research interests. Which in this case happens to be investigating some group (person? thing?) called AV.

It's really creepy stuff people. He warned me before I accepted the task but seriously I did not expect this. He's worried about my safety, and his, so we are moving to offices away from the institute. Still, almost all of the contact he had with them was in Europe so I'm not too worried. It's kind of exciting actually.

I've been telling him that we need to go "America's Most Wanted" on them. If you make enough noise somebody will recognize them right? I'm not sure how we're going to do that yet but Dr. Peiper has already put some of the stuff on the Internet so I think he will go for it.

And you thought that last research project was weird!

Oh well, I hope the doc lets me leave early today. I'm meeting Dan 8) at Ninfa's for margaritas!


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