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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Poor Ags :(

OMG what a Jerk!

A University of Texas student has reserved the state Capitol's south steps for the date that Texas A&M University fans traditionally meet for midnight yell practice before the rivals' biennial game in Austin.

The move by Christian Deitering, 24, forced Austin-area Aggies to alter their plans by scheduling to meet the night of Nov. 23 on the Capitol's north steps, which don't require a reservation.

Deitering said he was annoyed two years ago when he saw the Aggies practicing their football cheers the night before the game while Texas fans were kept away.


  • At 5:58 PM, Anonymous brando said…

    when i was in college before they put up the gates and iron fence on the south steps (the ones down leading to congress avenue), i drove down them in my car because i was lost and freaking out. at the time i just knew i was gonna go to jail, but if i would have had a video camera at the time it would probably be hilarious to watch. i havnt told anyone that story in 10 years. i am a longhorn btw, where did you go to school?


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